Entrepreneur India awards Deepu Sebin as emerging CEO

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Dr DeepuSebin awarded as emerging CEO of the year
Dr DeepuSebin awarded as emerging CEO of the year

New Delhi [India], January 27 (ANI/Media Dekho): Entrepreneur Dr Deepu Sebin is an emerging CEO in the field of education, who received Education Innovation Award last year for his contribution in the fileld of the healthcare system and doctor community through his platforms DailyRounds and Marrow.

Dr Deepu Sebin, an MBBS from Kottayam Medical College, did his MD in Internal Medicine from Stanley Medical College. He then practiced as a physician at the Primary Health Center of Kannur district, Kerala. Intrigued to confer clinical cases with the medical fraternity and find new solutions to old problems, the publication was thought to be ideal those days. Due to the reach being somewhat of a constraint, Dr Deepu created an online platform for constructive discussions among fellow doctors. Wearing a 'doctrepreneur' hat, he made case studies available that might not have been accessible otherwise, hence developing a knowledge pool for every single professional in the industry.

Today, one in two medical students is trained by Dr Deepu's company to diagnose and treat patients better. Over 250,000 doctors learn from the solutions available online. The company has two major products, Daily Rounds and Marrow. DailyRounds is based on clinical case discussion for practising doctors, while Marrow offers training to the medical students, including 50+ MBBS doctors in-house.

DailyRounds, Inc. is a Bengaluru-based healthcare startup started in 2014 with a motive of training and upskilling the Doctor community. The ground for this venture was set from Dr Deepu Sebin's idea to build an online consortium of doctors, medical schools, physician and surgeon societies, and individual practitioners. Under his leadership, a perpetual state of learning is now pushed, which directly impacts the patients' outcome.

Dr Deepu understood in his residency days that the critical decisions taken by a doctor need to be backed by constant evidence-based understanding. The traditional ways of gathering clinical cases like CME conferences and medical journals were erratic and insufficient.

The need for knowledge appraisal was immediate. To bridge this gap, he turned a practice update into a push notification. Through a single app, Dr Deepu essentially delivered a real-time treatment update that changed how even the most common diseases are approached.

As new and complex infections are now coming to life, he focuses on bringing the latest information about effective drugs, methods, and cures to doctors who will save lives with this newfound knowledge.

Taking learning back to its roots, Dr Deepu launched Marrow as an online learning platform for MBBS students. The application was curated to provide topical modules, tests and performance analytics on critical areas.

It also hosts high-quality video classes that focus on the base understanding of the profession for the aspirants. Marrow is now trusted by more than half a million medical students in India and is considered as the gold standard for NEET-PG preparation.

The core motivation behind Dr Deepu's journey is to leave a meaningful, everlasting impact on the world. To achieve this goal, he has indirectly affected billions of people through the professionals that use the app and all its online services. The impact created by him is such that doctors right from Syrian refugee camps to Harvard Medical School vouch for his app.

Always surrounded by questions and challenges, Dr Deepu became a problem-solver in his physician days. As an entrepreneur, he displayed the ability to navigate through the endless confusion and chaos. This resulted in his companies holding their place on the startup playground.

In 2019, DailyRounds partnered with M3 Inc, a global company based in Tokyo, specialising in revolutionising healthcare through the integration of fundamental life processes with web-platform based solutions. Over four million doctors across nine countries trust M3 Group for their daily practice.

With his global reach and cognitive skills, Dr Deepu aims for his companies to become the "Facebook for Doctors." A close substitute to the experience that doctors gain while doing their clinical rounds. An app that every doctor in the country goes to diligently. Something to see where the healthcare sector is and where it is going.

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