Entrepreneur Mercedes Flannery Travels the World After Building Her Online Community

Team Latestly
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Entrepreneur and social media influencer Mercedes Flannery has turned her passion for connecting with people into a full-time income after launching her online fan community.

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Following the lockdown, influencers have been looking for ways to develop online revenue streams with community based subscription models emerging as a viable revenue stream for people to enable their followers to access premium content.

After becoming a prominent social media influencer on Instagram, Flannery, who goes by the name of Miss Pretty Juice, decided to explore launching her own online community as a way to create a closer connection with her strongest supporters - while providing them with a premium offer.

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After making the decision to build her subscription business, Flannery quickly found success online and managed to turn her passion for people and travel into a globally successful business where she now travels the world and earns 7-figures a year.

In an interview this week, Flannery said, “Thanks to online subscriptions I can connect with my com-munity and it has allowed me to earn a full-time income using a subscription-based model. I’m really grateful to all the fans that support me, and I get to travel the world because of it. If anyone is still hes-itating about launching their online community, just give it a try. You never know what will happen, and there are many different platforms available to try with!”

As there are so many influencers looking to monetize online, premium subscriptions have proven to be one of the emerging business models that has helped people earn a consistent revenue thanks to easy-to-use interfaces connected via online payment systems such as Stripe and PayPal - where users can subscribe monthly to their favorite creator.

With celebrities also choosing to launch their exclusive premium experiences for followers online like Cardi B, who reportedly earns over $8 million a month through her own private community, Flannery is inspiring other influencers to give the business idea a chance.

And as influencers, public figures and Twitch streamers join the ‘Creator Economy’, social media per-sonalities like Mercedes are finding early success despite an increasingly competitive online land-scape.

Are you using online subscriptions to build your business?