Entrepreneur & Musician Niyah Smith Breaks Down the Financial Side of the Music Business

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The unique world created by the music has created room for talented artists to capitalize in the music industry. Niyah Smith better known as Niyah Smith Musician, aged 29 is a musician, A&R & artist manager, he is also a producer, songwriter, engineer & artist consultant. In a recent interview, he answered some questions about the financial side of the music business.

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(Q)Tell us about your background in music industry

(A) As per my introduction, you can see I have many different roles in the music industry. Majority of these roles tie into each other, which makes my job so much easier. Today I will be discussing how expensive it really can get in the music industry.

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Niyah Smith Ft SNE - No Kickers (Official Audio)

(Q) As an artist manager investing into an artist, how expensive can it get?

(A) There is so much ground to cover, before the record is even done, you will need to book studio time which can easily be £25-£30 a hour at the minute, minimum 3-4 hours needed, when the record gets done, it will then need to be mixed and mastered (£300).

(Q) What is the next step after the song has been mixed and mastered?

(A) The next step is the planning of the video. You as the manager will need to reach out to video directors to get their prices to shoot your music video; this can start from £500 right up to £5000 depending on the requirements.

(Q) Once the video is done, what is the next step?

(A) Once the video has been shot and edited, you will then need to put the audio out on all the DSP’s (streaming platforms) so that the world can hear your great new record. This is a small fee of about 10GBP. After that has been done you will now need to upload your video to YouTube for release preferably on the day of the release of the audio or on the day before. Uploads to YouTube are free.

(Q) What is next after you have uploaded your audio to the DSP’s and your video to YouTube?

(A) The next step normally is to plan a campaign to market your video, this is things like PR (starting from £650) to digital marketing (ad spend depending on your budget) and radio plugging starting from £750 a record

(Q) Is there anything else that needs to be done during this campaign?

(A) If you wanted to make your press releases look super attractive, you could do a professional photo-shoot which will make you look like a real star to go with your press releases.