Entrepreneur Naman Arora Perfectly Explains the Challenges Faced by Experts in the Digital Environment

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In the last few years, India has witnessed an upsurge of many entrepreneurs who have mastered themselves in their respective fields. The dynamic change in the business environment is because of the creativity and the latest market trends. With the rising demand for digital media, many young talents have taken the route of entrepreneurship and are creating job opportunities for creative professionals. In a time when digital disruption is at its peak, the traditional methods of marketing are getting overshadowed. Bringing a change with the latest digital trends, digital expert Naman Arora is bridging the gap between brands and audiences through his unique digital strategies.

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With a degree in Bachelors of Business Administration, Naman did a corporate job before establishing his company ‘Data Art Information Technology’. His company has played a pivotal role amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Since a year, Naman’s firm has made digital interactions easier ever since work from home became a norm in every organization. Moreover, ‘Data Art Information Technology’ helps other businesses by creating custom software to interact with the end-user in the best possible manner. This way his company is not only helping other businesses to prosper digitally but is also taking proper online security measures for its clients.

The Delhi-based firm in the last few years has built a reputation for offering an array of digital services. Social media app development and management, network services, infrastructure, software development, web development, marketing, data classification and analysis are a few services offered by ‘Data Art Information Technology’. Besides creativity and evolution, Naman emphasised the challenges every digital expert faces after a certain point in time. “I believe that understanding the latest marketing tools and technology can be an uphill task as there are many tools flooded in the market. Another hurdle is the budget. Securing budgets for a new strategy makes more sense rather than spending on the older strategy or tool which does not deliver results. It’s all about evolving and bringing new things on the table”, quoted Arora.

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Popularly known as Harry by his peers, Naman Arora has transformed these challenges into new opportunities. His company has time and again helped many of its clients with all the digital solutions. Another important aspect the entrepreneur shed light on is that every business must get accustomed to digitalization as it has become a medium to build brand value and increase sales. The digital agency which started from Delhi/NCR region is now making its presence all over India and across borders. As of now, his team is researching how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become a part and parcel of every business in the coming time.