Entrepreneur Sudhanshu Kumar Ventures Into News With The Launch Of Newsonli

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Being a technophile, Sudhanshu Kumar was always curious about the internet and its unlimited scope. After doing courses in cybersecurity and digital marketing, he had to do jobs in other domain which infuriated him but he had to do it, as there were not many opportunities in cybersecurity a few years back. However, he soon realized his calling and quit his job.

He founded his first Digital Sukoon inspired by his first startup Sukoon. Since then, he has never looked back.

In a very short period, Sudhanshu founded four portals Bollywood Chronicle, Bollywood Society, Hinglish Times, and Bachelors Society. All of them became a huge success, all thanks to the variety of contents available on the websites. After delivering entertainment and viral news through his previous portals, Sudhanshu decided to venture into the news. That’s why he founded Newsonli.

Newsonli is a digital platform that will deliver quality news to its viewership. The main goal of this portal is to give users what they crave in the simplest yet efficient way. The portal will have all kinds of news including politics, internal and external affairs, sports, and entertainment.

Newsonli contains everything one needs to be up to date in one place. Sudhanshu has assembled a solid team compromising people from all domains with years of expertise. The team focuses on offering quality and genuine news rather than proactive and viral. No matter what you like to read, Newsonli has something for you.

Newsonli is created with all the latest technologies that allow people with slow internet capabilities to enjoy its services seamlessly. The best part of this portal is that it gives you all types of news in one place. You don’t visit multiple portals to view the news you like. The portal has gained lots of traction among viewers, as it is already getting lots of traffic so early after the launch.