Entrepreneurship in the World of Aesthetic Medicine: Meet Dr Khaled Darawsha

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Entrepreneurship is an often talked about topic in this modern world of ours, and with good reason. The more we live in the 21st century, the more we come to understand that you need a certain amount of entrepreneurial skill to thrive in any domain. Yet one of the fields you do not hear all that much about entrepreneurship is, of course, medicine. And yet, to grow your business as a medical professional is no different than growing any other type of business.

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That is why it was particularly delightful when we got to sit down and talk with Dr. Khaled Darawsha for a bit. Dr. Khaled is the founder of one of the largest aesthetic medicine practices in Israel, Theta Clinic.

Here, he focuses on non-surgical procedures and aesthetic enhancements that would provide subtle and natural looking alterations to patients. Dr. Khaled believes that treatments should aim to achieve the perfect look for each individual by working around their own features guaranteeing a natural and rejuvenated appearance; therefore, Dr. Khaled is a pioneer of various non-invasive procedures, such as cupids bow defining, baby Botox, micro droplets technique, and facial sculpting using the golden ratio (phi).

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While his passion is helping people look their best and regain their self-confidence, Dr. Khaled is an entrepreneur at heart. He talks like an entrepreneur, and he was able to provide us with great insight into the main struggles of his chosen field. In our interview, for example, we talked about growing his fan-base and expanding his reach as an aesthetic medicine expert. Of course, we looked at Dr. Khaled’s Instagram presence (with an account that is over 30k strong), where he consistently posts updates of his successes at Theta Clinic. And while it might sound strange for some, it is the most logical step for any dedicated doctor out there.

“If you successfully educate customers, keep them engaged, create a strong reputation in their minds and recommend the best treatments for each individual person, your business will most likely do well,” says Dr. Khaled.

Every person is unique, and without a doubt the treatment needs will be unique too. That is why he assesses every client’s needs and advises them on the most suitable treatment options. Another important focus on Dr. Khaled’s business is to educate and reduce the stigma around cosmetic procedures. His social media presence focuses mainly on educating and helping his followers and potential clients understand the procedures involved in his practice, as well as showcasing the impressive results.

Clearly, Dr. Khaled is doing something right since Theta Clinic is gaining more and more popularity each day. For Dr. Khaled, aesthetic medicine is more than just a job. “I decided to give my whole time to it. Personal life is something that I have no idea what it means. I even dream about this business.” It is an obsession; one that he caters to each day with admirable dedication, which might explain the success he has had in becoming one of the leading names in the field, at the very least in Israel.

Yet, when you talk to him, he strikes you as a modest man, with clear goals and fantastic work ethic “Work so hard and learn as much as you can, so that people recognize your unique work like it is signed by you. Challenge yourself every day, and be your own inspiration”

Dr. Khaled started his business with passion and with one main dream in mind both for himself and for his business. He understands that the world of aesthetic medicine does not mean looking a certain way. Instead, these procedures make his patients feel their best and gain confidence.

“I would like to make everyone feel good about themselves.”

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