How to Make Epoxy Flooring Look Like New

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Epoxy flooring is a popular option for many homeowners as it is easy to maintain and clean. Many homeowners use epoxy flooring in basements, garages, porches, and stores and warehouses.

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Epoxy flooring is fairly durable thanks to its resistance to degradation and its ability to bond to any material. It can be poured onto a concrete floor to make it more attractive or used to seal and protect a more decorative flooring. An added bonus is that it saves you money over time.

Preventing Damage to an Epoxy Floor

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While epoxy is very durable and is constructed from multiple layered coats, it is not completely indestructible. The best thing to do, of course, is to try to prevent any damage and wear. Place protective pads underneath anything that will scratch your floor. While epoxy has a scratch-resistant nature, it never hurts to be careful and take precautions.

Clean Regularly

If you want your epoxy floor to continue looking shiny and clean, give it a regular cleaning to keep up appearances. Epoxy is very durable and cleans easily, so a quick regular washup will keep it looking its best.

If you spill any liquids on your epoxy flooring, just wipe up with paper towels or a soft cloth. Clean up dust and small debris with a vacuum or broom. Make sure to use a soft-bristle brush or dust mop to avoid scratching the surface.

Remove Stains

Some stains can do a lot of damage to epoxy flooring, so watch out for things such as engine oil or cooking grease. If you find such a stain, it's not hard to clean.

First make sure to sweep away any debris, then mix up a solution of five ounces clear ammonia with a gallon of hot water. Use a soft cloth or a mop to scrub off the stain. Try to avoid using more abrasive things like kitchen scrubbers or steel wool as they can damage the coating.

Shine it Up

With many feet or vehicles passing over your epoxy flooring every day it can start fogging up. This fog isn't permanent though, and you don't need to apply another coat. It will take a little more time and some elbow grease, but it's easy to make your floor look like new.

Hose or mop your entire floor with hot water and dry with a squeegee. The hot water will remove any stains and residue and make the floor shine again like new. For more stubborn remaining spots, use an all-purpose cleaner and rub off with a soft cloth by hand.

For best results, it's advisable to do a deep clean at least once a year. It's a bit more work, but very much worth it in the end.

When to Bring in the Pros

While you can easily clean your epoxy flooring yourself, sometimes it's necessary to bring in the professionals. If you find stains or cloudiness that you just can't get out, or the idea of cleaning an entire floor is just too daunting, professional cleaning companies can clean up your floors in no time and bring them back to their original shiny state.