Equipment of Google’s G Suite with AI


With the increasing digital presence of small and large businesses, it has become mandatory to have access to large amounts of data through Google. G-suite enhanced with AI will boost the user’s productivity. 

G-suite is an office application that includes Gmail, Hangouts, Drives, Docs, Slides, Sheets and Sites.

David Thacker, the vice president of G suite (product management) announced at Cloud Next Conference that there are more than 5 million business customers.

With that Google has also announced the integration of AI (artificial intelligence) into its G-suite.

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Improvement In G-suite after its incorporated with AI:

  • AI is a good opportunity to reduce security breaches. Thus, G-suite collaborated with AI to enhance security. Cybersecurity is an important issue that needs to be tackled. In case of a breach, an admin can get access to the affected users without checking the security logs.
  • AI tool brings grammar suggestions to Google Docs. This software feature has an eye for errors. It recognizes errors of “articles” like the right usage of “a” or “an”.
  • The AI in G-suite will enable the employees to write messages and replies through “Smart reply”. It means the tool will automatically compose long or short e-mail replies. Another feature called “Smart compose” will automatically compose lengthier e-mails for you.
  • It will be extremely easy to reschedule meetings or even cancel them using voice commands. AI promotes voice and assistant integrations in G-suite. The individual users can be benefitted even when they are not staring at the device for example when walking or driving. 
  • There are “shortcuts” or “macros” that can do the commonly performed tasks itself. Speech-enabled interaction with the technology has found usage in many applications now like AI operated light system or music system.

 G-suite uses AI to day to day work of assigning tasks and get them completed. Docs with AI auto-detect tasks and suggest people finish them. It assigns these action tasks itself and there is no need to send separate e-mails. It gives you flexible ways to make communication with your colleagues.

 Benefits of Using G suite in your business:

  1. It will have an impact on your G-mail account. It will prioritize your work, set reminders for you and draft e-mails in no time. It blocks spam mails completely.
  2. Hangout chats have virtual rooms and it gives an informal way to communicate. Hangout and G-suite have collaborated and it comes with 25 AI-powered bots. It helps you speed up workflows in finance, HR, CRM, project management.
  3. Face to face collaboration using “Hangouts Meet” where more than 250 people can meet on a single platform and organize virtual meetings.

 Google’s cloud is joined by new customers like Domino’s Pizza, SoundCloud, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Google spreads only one message that the user experience should become multi-modal. With this shift, there is an expansion in user experience in terms of gesture and image/object recognition.



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