The New Era of Digital Assets will be Created Under the Cooperation between HSI and 5G

Tapasvi Vibhute
·4-min read

With the advent of 5G era, the construction of network and the application of communication have become an inevitable development trend in the future. At the same time, it has brought about a qualitative change in the era of digital assets and a giant leap in the data economy of the Internet. However, the rapid economic growth has not spread to everyone. With the increasing variety of digital assets, the management difficulty is gradually increasing as well. As a result, the security, privacy and portability can not be effectively guaranteed during this process. The application of communication, social communication, transaction and payment, identity authentication and other links in the use of digital assets is decentralized. Therefore, the whole process has problems such as lack of security trust and mistaken operation. In addition, the rules for how to put assets on the shelves are basically set by the centralized managers, leading to a lack of democratic community operation.

The Holy Shield Imperative (HSI) was created for this purpose, which has launched the development of 5G to change the disadvantages of the Internet. The fusion of 5G technology and block chain technology is born by utilizing the advantages of block chain, such as decentralization, the distributed network, data immutability, P2P network and so on. It is a comprehensive digital asset service platform integrating the security storage management services, investment and financial management, and asset recovery. On this basis, the decentralized investment management platform block chain is developed, which is meaningful for the HSI block chain network to realize the value Internet, so that the users can obtain the service experience of 5G network from different degrees.


The Holy Shield Imperative (HSI) is a 5G communication block chain technology platform, which was independently developed and verified by the top block chain technology team of the U.S. Sanctuary Shield Foundation. The decentralized management platform of 5G technology is realized by utilizing the advanced computer technologies such as artificial intelligence, block chain technology and big data analysis. The disadvantages of single 5G technology, like centralization and concentration of the underlying software, poor operation stability, high 5G frequency band, short transmission distance, poor penetration and diffraction ability, low bandwidth utilization rate, and the data island phenomenon in all walks of life can be avoided by HSI. Also, the decentralized management platform for 5G technology is able to be realized. The core of HSI technology is the ability to achieve extremely fast trading through the underlying technology. Its safety degree is higher than zero confirmation, and its simplicity and landing property are better than lightning network. This is a layered channel network based on deep learning multiple factors authentication, using mature technology, simple principle and simple design. According to the HSI network, the second speed the Internet can be achieved in a convenient and reliable way. In terms of speed, security and privacy, the rapid transfer speed of block chain assets is comparable to that of the Lightning Network.

At present, HSI has successively signed couples of strategic cooperation agreements with the technology applications in many countries. This is to say, HSI can be freely circulated all over the world to build up its complete ecology system through the form of science and technology.

However, the value of the Holy Shield Imperative goes beyond that. It also aims to increase the wealth of all people through the transfer of value. Hence, the Holy Shield Imperative issued a total of 1 billion ecological tokens called HSI, which is the official Token of the HSI Technology Block Chain Project and the basic unit of the Holy Shield Command Network. It was originally developed based on the development of Ethereum ERC20, and was expected to be released on the HSI public chain in the later. The ERC20 tokens will be mapped to HSI public chains, showing a stronger market value. It also has a perfect distribution ratio: 30% for circulation, 20% for founding team, 30% for foundation, 10% for technical team, 10% for community construction. In addition, the technical team and economic experts of the Holy Shield Imperative have designed a perfect revenue model, which has been launched for global ICO on the 15th of this month. The purpose of Holy Shield Imperative (HSI) is to allow the users to enjoy the fair and non-monopolized rights and interests, so that HSI can fall in the hands of real users, rather than the manipulation of bookmakers and consortiums. At the same time, it also enables the users who participate in the HSI’ s ecological construction to gain profits and achieve a win-win situation for the community.

The Holy Shield Imperative (HSI) is committed to providing a safe, convenient, efficient and self-learning 5G network management platform for the global users. It enriches the application scenarios of the block chain technology and digital currency, which aims to promote the service to business progress and social development. The Holy Shield Imperative (HSI) also wants to build a digital market peak platform in the future, providing users with the rapid deployment of the efficient block chain solutions services. More specifically, you can simply and conveniently complete the transaction, exchange and value investment of digital currency, so as to realize the rapid appreciation of your digital currency and truly activate your digital assets.