Even as a Father, Kaifi Azmi Was Far From Regular: Shabana Azmi

Kaifi Azmi is one of the most celebrated Urdu poet of our times, probably because he brought Urdu literature to Indian films, thus making its flavour and beauty accessible to the masses. As we celebrate his poetic brilliance on his birth anniversary, it is indeed our fortune that his spirit lives on through his couplets, ghazals and his beloved daughter, actress Shabana Azmi.

The Quint pays tribute to a poet par excellence as Shabana Azmi reveals her memories of Kaifi, her loving father who was also a hopeless romantic. We bet you haven’t heard any of these before!

Watch: Kaifi Azmi, the Father

Kaifi Azmi was far from regular, as a person and more so, as a father. Shabana Azmi tells an interesting story from her childhood about the black doll Kaifi gifted her at the age of 7.

Watch: Kaifi Azmi, the Lover

A silly couplet sparked the Kaifi-Shaukat romance. Don’t skip this one! Shabana Azmi narraters her parents’ love story in the manner of a Bollywood flick starring Kaifi and Shaukat. This is what Bollywood blockbusters are made of.

Watch: Kaifi Azmi, the Poet

He wasn’t the kind of poet who needed to lock himself up in a room while writing. Kaifi liked having the sound of his family around him, while he penned masterpieces. Shabana Azmi reveals his only material obsession- Mont Blanc pens.

Watch: Kaifi Azmi’s Last Years

Shabana Azmi narrates the special moments she shared with her father in his beloved village of Mijwan on his last birthday. Of course, Shabana gets a bit emotional here.

(This story is from The Quint’s archives and was first published on 10 May 2015. It is now being republished on Kaifi Azmi’s birth anniversary.)

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