Even Jubin Nautiyal fails to uplift 'Bedardi Se Pyaar Ka'

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Even Jubin Nautiyal fails to uplift
Even Jubin Nautiyal fails to uplift

09 Jun 2021: Even Jubin Nautiyal fails to uplift 'Bedardi Se Pyaar Ka'

Jubin Nautiyal's Bedardi Se Pyaar Ka is out now on YouTube. The video, produced by Bhushan Kumar under T-Series banner, features Gurmeet Choudhary, Sherine Singh, Kaashish Vohra and Altamash Faraz. The song is a rendition of the original Bedardi track that was composed by Pakistani singer Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi. Though attempts have been made to make it fresh, they fall flat. Here's our review.

Plot: The plot is done and dusted; too dramatic

The music video shows two kids making a pact to marry when they grow up, but once adults, she falls for another guy, and decides to marry him. But the now-adult boy doesn't take it sportingly. He loses his sanity and becomes suicidal, totally Kabir Singh-esque drunk. Now, we've seen this plot basically everywhere, so a bit of novelty could have helped here.

Acting: Either too much expression or none at all; acting's wishy-washy

Choudhary, the heartbroken man, gives over-the-top expressions. His childhood love, played by Singh, is on the opposite spectrum. She barely emotes throughout the 5-minute long video, and basically is a glorified eye-candy. In plots like these, we always have a girl, who nurses a secret crush on that jilted guy since long, and finally becomes his savior. Vohra plays that part, and remains dazed.

Fact: The plot, even though relatable for some, still is problematic

Choudhary's character, living in his childhood delusion might seem relatable to some, but it still remains problematic and borderline toxic. The video shows the girl ignoring his advances, which should have been reason enough to grow up, and not depend on someone to "rescue" you.

Music: Meet Bros. fail to provide freshness to this old song

Choosing a song that has been composed years ago and covered by singers including Udit Narayan, and trying to give it a modern spin, was a challenge anyway. And, Meet Bros. fail to crack that nut. Known for their funky tunes, the duo couldn't give this song, which talks about unrequited love and longing, a contemporary feel, and lets it remain in the '90s.

Fact: The locales are exotic, well-shot; child actors saving grace

The picturesque locales in the video are the only saving grace. Shot in Mussoorie, the video boasts of a high production value, while camera work and other technical aspects are commendable. The child actors add an element of innocence, and do a much better job.

Observation: Nautiyal disappoints, voice feels superficial and without emotions

Nautiyal, known for his soulful renditions, disappoints as well. The emotions in his voice feel superficial, dishonest and don't do justice to the lyrics, which mostly are same as the original. His fans might be impressed with this song too, but it's definitely not his finest. Like most singles these days, this track and video also probably aim at a section of the audience.

Fact: Verdict: This is for their fans and only for them

In other words, the fans of the names involved. At least there, they have been successful. The song has already gotten over 11mn views on YouTube. It might evoke nostalgia in some, but overall, it looks and sounds pretty mediocre. Verdict: This one's a miss.

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