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Photo credit: Netflix

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Netflix's latest horror series The Haunting of Bly Manor only landed on the streamer last week, but it's already got people talking on Twitter - and not just because it is spine-chillingly terrifying. Fans of the anthology series have been discussing the show on Twitter saying that as scary as it is, at its core The Haunting of Bly Manor is a love story. Spoilers below.

The series is inspired by the ghost stories of Henry James, including the 1898 horror novella The Turn of the Screw, and it follows the story of a tutor who is looking after two children, Flora and Miles, at stately mansion Bly Manor. Before long, she starts to see strangers around the property and the grounds, and that's where things all start to unravel.

Alongside the terrifying horror, the series also focuses on the love story between au pair Dani (Pedretti) and house gardener Jamie - a storyline that many fans were more invested in than other aspects of the show.

The relationship starts off with a definite slow burn. Jamie is fairly standoffish when Dani first comes to the house, but they begin getting close after the scene where Dani surprises Jamie by holding her hand. After this moment, it becomes clear that they like each other and the relationship begins to flourish, making people on Twitter very happy, and prompting fans to call the series a love story.

This is also an idea that the cast of the show have readily accepted, with Victoria Pedretti telling Glamour, "If we’re going to continue to call it a horror story, is, you know, isn’t love kind of a horror?

"I feel proud to be a part of something that isn’t putting these false, ridiculous ideas into people’s minds—like soul mates and happily ever after," she continued. " 'Cause that’s bullshit, and we know that, but for some reason, we still keep putting ourselves in front of it and hoping for it."

The Haunting on Bly Manor is available on Netflix now.


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