Everyone on Twitter is Cracking the Same Joke After Rahul Gandhi Interviewed Rajiv Bajaj

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's dialogue with industrialist Rajiv Bajaj on the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis was aired on Thursday; this is the latest in the series of deliberations the former Congress chief is having with experts from various fields on the impact of the pandemic.

During the interview, Bajaj said that the Indian government had imposed a 'Draconian' lockdown to curb coronavirus but that it was "porous" and ended up damaging the economy. According to Bajaj, the coronavirus lockdown had flattened the wrong curve, that is GDP, and hadn't really been successful in containing the virus.

This is not the first interview that Gandhi has been a part of. Earlier in May, Gandhi had interacted with economists Raghuram Rajan and Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee about the impact of lockdown as well. The interviews are aired on the Congress party's social media platforms. But what the internet cannot fathom is this - is Rahul Gandhi considering a change in his career path? Is he planning to become a journalist? Why is the leader of the Opposition taking part in interviews?  

A politician conducting interviews with industrialists and Nobel Laureates is rare, and the Internet has plenty to say about it. For some, this is a waste of valuable time which could be better utilised in helping the people of the country. For others, this is an opportunity to take a dig at the national media; in their opinion, if media organisations are lagging behind in terms of reporting on difficult issues, then politicians have to step in.

While many wondered whether Rahul is now a politician or journalist, many also came to his defence.

The coincidences in names were, of course, not missed by Twitterati. And everyone basically tweeted the same joke.