‘Everyone understands English’: Twitterati mock stand-up comedian for ‘stereotyping’ Tamils

Twitter has always been the breeding ground for ‘cancel culture’ and stand-up comedian Kajol Srinivasan bore the brunt of Twitterati's ire on Nov 8 after what appeared to be a joke about linguistics backfired.

Kajol tweeted a light-hearted yet stereotypical joke on Tamils which did not go well with netizens. She wrote “Not knowing Tamil in Chennai, I have been trying to communicate that I want water with a big smile and repetitive thumb action towards my mouth. After bringing me coffee and then tea the waiter now strongly suspects I'm a boozard.”

The users slammed her saying it’s a complete exaggeration and a failed joke.Some comments completely ramped her saying “I know that Indian stand-up comics are running out of content and often need to make stuff up but this is bizarre considering not one soul in Chennai knows what water is.”

“Hot tip: Perhaps try using words next time? In the one year I spent in Chennai, didn't meet any waiter who didn't understand 'water'. Or tea, or coffee for that matter,” said another user.

Well, it is clear that stand-up comedians do need to check their content before posting or saying something, or else, they will have to face wrath of the audience.

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