Everything You Need To Know About The Outstanding Author Abeer Fahim

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If you are a fan of literature, writing, poetry and are fond of the likes of Rupi Kaur, there is no way you have not come across the name Abeer Fahim and are not obsessed with her. Her beautiful, inspirational and revolutionary work is just something you can't help but love. If you are new to her name, we are here to fill you in with all the important details you have missed out on.

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From a young age of only 8 years old, Dr Abeer Abdel Raouf Fahim was already extremely passionate about academia. She knew exactly what she wanted to teach when she grew up and she fearlessly went for it. After high school, she did her BA in English literature then went to the United Kingdom where she was awarded her MA and PhD Degrees at the prestigious Durham University in 2012 where her thesis focused on technology and embodiment in the postmodern work of Don DeLillo and Thomas Pynchon. Fast forward to years later, she is now one of the best authors, having gathered a tremendous amount of support from her fans. She writes literature books both fiction and non-fiction and at the same time work in academia. She has presented her work at conferences around the world at Oxford University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, and Durham University. I have also published my work on phenomenology in postmodern literature. She also gave a TEDx Talk in 2017 titled "Reading and the Narratives of Life." where she talked about literature and empathy. She is currently an Assistant Professor of English at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, Institute of Applied Technology, UAE.

She has also written outstanding books such as “Her Seven Days in Bali '' which was a huge success and her readers loved it. It was a very inspiring book especially for women and quotes from it have been used countless times not only by people online but also by organizations that deal with women's rights and her work has been seen and quoted in some important event's such as on International women's day.

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Dr Abeer Fahim has had influence online too. Her Facebook page called Juliet Turns Page is an inspirational platform where she shares quotes and pieces of her work and the work of other authors. It has gathered over 147000 followers and has had a massive impact. In one of her interviews, she talks about the page and says " The theme "turning the page" has been an essential part of all my work. I don't only talk about works of literature, I talk about how the very act of reading or writing a book can help us move forward in life. I talk about "narrative" and how connected narrative is to the nature of our own lives and I talk about how we can use literary techniques and devices (point-of-view, figurative language, characterization, etc.) to gain more insight into ourselves and our stories. She also has an Instagram account @dr.abeerfahim with over 31500 followers where she shares her poetry and quotes. She connects with her readers through live videos and writing them personalized poetry and quotes that they absolutely love.

Abeer Fahim is an academic and artist who you do not want to miss if you like being challenged mentally and artistically. She is a treasure for all literature lovers and she is one of our favourite authors ever.