Exclaiming His Journey Gautam Kalal Has Been a Motivator for Lives Around

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It seems so astounded that there exists such people who embed their existence to rule the world of fame by their mere sequels of endeavors and strives. Gautam Kalal is one such elite mentions to acquiring the stardom bestowing to his dreams brimming struggles all the way. He is the proof that no yesterday or today can certainly appease what tomorrow will hold.

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Gautam Kalal, born on 29th September, 1982 in Zawar Mines, Udaipur, Rajasthan, is today one of the top data driven digital marketing consultant based in Ahmedabad, India with raging experience of 20+ years. He is also an E-Commerce entrepreneur, digital marketing trainer, author and You Tuber.

Belonging to lower middle class family, with least scope of improvement abiding the orthodox essence of the existence Gautam started his career working in a cybercafé. Having no prominent idea Gautam took the advantage grasping the knowledge of different utilities of the tech system until he moved to Ahmedabad and started working as a canteen boy.

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Facing the arduous of situations that life offered Gautam witnessed some of the exhilarating days and the darkest nights until one day when he got hold of his gig. Being trolled as a canteen boy, Gautam took the challenge and successfully discarded the trails winning him a job at the IT firm.

Brushing his skills, specializing in graphic design, web development and other basics Gautam was soon offered a job in UK where he successfully showcased his wisdom and amazing skill triumph. After returning to India he commenced his own venture entrepreneurship bringing him steps closer to his goals.

Gautam today, the CEO of a digital marketing agency, has trained and educated a lot of students & professionals, mentoring various corporate entities like BNI, Ganpat, University and various private trainings. He has been a part of advisory board panel of business magazine, with being featured in many online and offline media showcases.

Gautam Kalal believes in the countless opportunities that life renders. Accepting the truth and striving to change it rather than whining will certainly bear fruitful changes.