EXCLUSIVE: Aritra Mukherjee spills out the beans on his movie, says “The film breaks the taboo about women and menstruation”

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

Soham Mujhumder and Ritabhari Chakraborty starred, and Aritra Mukherjee directed film Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti is among the two Bengali feature films that have been nominated in the prestigious Indian Panorama of IFFI.

The film raises the question against gender unevenness in society and antiquated superstitions.

The director of the film, Aritra Mukherjee, spoke exclusively to Pop Diaries, asking on what made her think that women are still lagging as we are now living in a world where women are said to be given equal opportunities, the young director said, “The film centres around a woman trying to establish herself as a priest. She faces a lot of criticism and challenges from an orthodox society. Yes, it is true we speak about women empowerment and equal rights but do we give our women the respect, space, the independence they deserve? Shabari is a strong woman, we find this strength in many women. But, do we have a supporting and an understanding husband like Vikramaditya in all men?”

We all know A lot of movies have been made on women empowerment where women are projected strongly, so when asked about the USP of the film and in what way this subject will stand out from the rest, Aritra added, “Many films have been made on women empowerment but I don’t think any film has been made on the female priest. Secondly, it is still believed that a menstruating woman cannot participate in any religious or any auspicious rituals. The film has broken this taboo. This itself is the USP of the film and will stand out from the rest.”