[Exclusive] Bigg Boss 14 Wild Card Naina Singh: 'Nothing More Valuable Than Being Real'

Rajat Tripathi
·3-min read

Naina Singh is the latest entry on Bigg Boss 14. She is entering as a wild card after three weeks of the new reality show have passed. Kavita Kaushik and Shardul Pandit have also entered as wild cards. We had the chance to speak with Naina before she entered the house. From her debut episode, she comes across as a measured and intelligent person. Also, she is insanely beautiful. It will be a delight to watch her on the screen. Here are excerpts from our conversation with Naina Singh. Bigg Boss 14: #Nepotism Trends on Twitter After Rahul Vaidya Nominates Jaan Kumar Sanu For This Reason.

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1. You would have an advantage over other contestants since you are entering late and know how the game looks like from the outside. Any comments?

I think it would be unfair to assume that I'd have an advantage over the existing contestants. Watching from outside doesn't change a thing. Here I may watch as an audience, but inside I'll be the player. So it's a different ball game altogether! I'm going in with an open mind and zero judgements! Bigg Boss 14 Wildcard Contestant Kavita Kaushik Feels BB14 Contestants Are Trying to Copy Bigg Boss 13 Winner Sidharth Shukla.
2. Who is your favourite contestant on this season?

I'm yet to have a favourite! I don't know the contestants enough for them to be my favourite! But from the last season, it definitely has to be Sidharth Shukla!

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3. What will be your strategy? Romance, taking over the kitchen, one woman army?

I like to make my strategies on spot, according to the situations, and my dynamics with the contestants. Like I earlier mentioned, I'm going in with zero judgements, and no strategies. The best strategy is not to have one in the first place. I like to keep things real!

4. Are you open to romance if that happens on the show? Or are you dating someone already?

Que sera sera!
5. What's your temper like? Hot-headed or calm and composed?

I'm a combination of both, hot-headed and calm and composed. I'm both fire and ice. Different situations call for different reactions, of course!

6. What are the winning qualities in you?

I'm pretty strong-headed! I love to have fun, and I think a lot of people forget to have a good time, and be themselves. Because in my books, there's nothing more valuable than being a hundred percent real to yourself and others. And I think these are the qualities of a real winner!

7. What made you say yes to the show?

I've been part of two reality shows, and of course, when I was approached for one of the biggest reality shows of India, I thought why not? So, yes, here I am!