EXCLUSIVE: “When he came back I suddenly realized what I felt for him”, says Jasmin Bhasin

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

On Sunday in a shocking twist, Jasmin Bhasin was evicted from Big Boss 14 house. Her exit left everyone along with the host Salman Khan in tears, and Aly had a breakdown.

We are the eye witness of Jasmin and Aly’s evolving relationship and blowing love, so we spoke exclusively with the Dil Se Dil Tak actress on her equations with Aly Goni, and how she realized her love for Aly in the show.

Asking about her and Aly’s dyanamics before the Big Boss 14 and in the house, the actress went on to say, “Aly and I have been good friends and there was a comfort level that we shared. He came in the show for me, and we developed an even greater bond. And then he left once for me, who would do that? When he came back I suddenly realised what I felt for him, and that’s how our relationship changed.”

Talking about her marriage plans with Aly, the Naagin star expressed, “Yes, I said that. Once Aly comes out then we will talk about the future plans. We both bond and understand each other well.”

Apparently, we have seen Sonali Phogat has also generated feelings for Aly, we asked Jasmin about her views on the same, on which the Actress replied, “Sonali Ji is really sweet. What’s wrong in developing feelings for someone, now if you keep teasing her continuously and talking about it then it will look bad.”