EXCLUSIVE : “My mother wanted me to become an actor, independently on my merit”, says Sushmita Sen’s daughter Reene Sen

Tapasvi Vibhute
·2-min read

The B-town has a new addition to its casket, the industry which is full of glitz and glamour gives a person more than he could ever ask for but also puts a certain baggage, or lets say responsibility on their shoulders. We recently roped in actress Reene Sen, who is the daughter of the renowned actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, we striked a conversation about the young starlets debut short film ‘Suttabaazi’ which is all set to release on the OTT platforms.

Talking about how she was casted for the film, and what thoughts did Sushmita had in her minds before her daughters debut, Reene adds “My mother had wanted me to be an actor, independently, on merit. So when Suttabazzi happened, I had approached the director of the film who also happens to be a friend of mine, so we were just having a normal conversation about the work that he is doing currently, and about my studies. It just flew in a conversation that I want to be an actor. So he said oh, ok that’s great. Then later he sent me a script which was a complete surprise for me. He was like can you come for an audition. So I read the script and we did an audition for it. Then he got me enrolled to a workshop under the guidance of my acting coach Pratik Kothari sir, and then I realised that I can do this film and that’s how it happened. First, he wanted me to do an audition of it, to see if I can pull it off and then when things seemed positive he was like let’s do this”

Like every star kid Reene also carries the responsibility of her mothers hard earned reputation, but unlike the other starkids, Reene came across as a person who surely understands the importance of staying grounded and compassionate! Here’s wishing all the best to this young kid on the block.