EXCLUSIVE: Noor's Sonakshi Sinha: Journalism is a thankless job

Just one day left for Sonakshi Sinha’s roller-coaster ride of being both a goofy and a serious journalist in Noor. Sona’s upcoming film Noor is keeping an actor on a journalist’s side. The film is attempting to peek into a journalist’s day-to-day life. Going by the trailer, we can surely say that Sonakshi has given her blood and sweat to the film.  It’ll be interesting to see Sonakshi portraying the life of a journalist on the big screen. We met her while she was promoting the film and she got candid on the challenges faced by her while playing the role of a journalist. 

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 Excerpts from the interview:  How did you come onboard for Noor?. Well, it just happened to come to me. Apparently, I was their first choice and I knew Sunhil Sippy from before. He has directed my first ever TV commercial so I did a soap ad in 2010 and that was just after Dabangg. I really liked his work back then and I wanted to work with him again. So when Vikram Malhotra told me that there is a new director and when he told that it’s Sunhil and I was like I know him. He came to my house and narrated the script and I liked it and then the paperwork was done. It was instant. Talking about Noor, were there any challenges while playing the role of a journalist? At the end, you are only acting. I wouldn’t be able to really understand the real struggles of being a journalist, but now I have a glimpse of it. I know that it’s a thankless job. I know how difficult it is to chase for a story and you have to please the people you work for and plus you have deadlines. Sometimes there are things that you don’t want to do at all but you have to do it as it’s your job. In those ways, I empathize. How does it feel being on the other side? Do you now relate to a journalist’s life?  It actually felt great seeing things through someone else’s perspective. It always is. I got to do that with Noor. This is the second time you are playing a titular role. Does it add any pressure? Not as such! It gives me a sense of liberation that I don’t have to depend on anyone as such. We have a great team and a lot of hard work is involved. This film is special and I can’t really pinpoint why. But, maybe for the fact that the film is so real. I am very excited and I connected to the role as I have never connected to any by now. We all are modern day girls who go through struggles and we want to party too. We want it all and that’s what I like about Noor. You have worked in commercial cinema and now you are moving to realistic sort of cinema? What’s your take on it? I don’t really understand why commercial is now a genre. It’s any film which makes money. I think that genre I am doing right now is because there is a certain kind of an evolution. The industry has evolved and there are so many amazing roles which are now being written keeping a female protagonist in mind and I am more than happy to do it. Did you break down while shooting for the film? While shooting the film, I did breakdown. I am a spontaneous actor and I find it difficult to cry on sets in front of so many people. I am a big fan of glycerin. For the first time, I have cried without glycerin where Noor is giving a monologue where she is talking about her city. It was a 7-minute monologue and all was taken in one shot and there were real tears in my eyes. It was like being in college again. How was it working with Purab and Kanan? It was actually a lot of fun. Purab is a fantastic actor and it was superb working with Kanan. The way the characters have been cast, they are so real. Their personalities overlap with our onscreen characters. It was really amazing and we got along well off the camera. Would you ask celebs about their personal lives if it’s a part of your job? As a journalist, NO! Honestly, I don’t really give a shit and I don’t want to know who is dating whom. I understand that you guys have a pressure on you to deliver your stories on a deadline. You will also be seen in Ittefaq. How is it working with Sidharth Malhotra? He is a cool guy to work with and Ittefaq was an altogether different experience as it was a controlled set. I have never shot for a film where I have shot in only one location. Shah Rukh Khan had come down for the mahurat shot of the film. Was that overwhelming? He is producing the film and he wanted to be there. It was really nice for him to show up on the very first day of the shoot. I am working with Dharma and Red Chillies for the first time. It was a big deal for me too. I am really glad to work in the film and working with Karan was a great experience. You would be joining Salman for the Da-Bang tour which starts on April 14. So how will u manage the promotions of Noor and would you be here on April 21 when your film releases? I am going mad right now and then the Hong Kong tour is on 16th and then I am back on 17th. Then I will promote the film for two days and on 20th, I will be going to Australia. I won’t be there on the day of the release. How is it judging Nach Baliye 8?  It’s quite cool and I really like any talent-based show - be it singing or dancing. I myself really enjoy dancing. I like being there and watching these couples put up their performance and give their best every week. I have Mohit and Terence by my side who are entertaining and are by side.  For the latest in Bollywood, TV & Fashion download our updated Android App OR our iOS App.