EXCLUSIVE: Sandeepa Dhar spills the beans on her fashion preferences!

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

‘Style is the way you say who you are without having to speak’ the actress whom we roped in today for our exclusive fashion segment is no less than a diva in real life. Sandeepa Dhar who has an unconventional choice in fashion spills the beans on her fashion choices!

Casual wear or party wear?

Casual wear

Fashion is sexy, but is very uncomfortable! How much do you agree with the statement and what’s your take on the same?

Fashion can be comfortable. It’s up to the individual. So many people wear extremely comfortable and fashionable clothes. I don’t think fashion has anything to do with clothes, fashion is how you carry those clothes.

your favourite colour in the wardrobe?

Its keep changing but right now it’s Yellow.

Your most expensive outfit in the wardrobe?

Manish Malhotra saree that I have. That is quite expensive.

Has it ever happened that an outfit of yours you have regretted after wearing it?

Yes, a lot of times.

One outfit of yours you recently purchased and is awaited to be worn by you?

There are many. Because of the pandemic, I didn’t get to wear anything. We were at home and I was wearing Pajama’s only.

You wear a particular outfit for how many times after purchase because as a celebrity you cannot repeat the clothes?

I think that time has gone where people used to say you can not repeat outfits. You can repeat an outfit as many times as you want. I think with the sustainability of fashion is, it is important to repeat clothes. I have absolutely no qualms with repeating outfits.