You can exercise using your own body weight; actor Arya shows how

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Calisthenics training can help you make use of your own body weight. (Photo: Arya/Instagram;designed by Gargi Singh)

Fitness is all about learning new moves and amping up your workout sessions on a regular basis. And one such practice, despite being old, is gaining renewed ground as more and more people realise its innumerable benefits. Yes, we are talking about calisthenics training, and in case you have been wondering about it, this post by Tamil actor Arya is all you need to get started.

Take a look:

The actor, who is prepping for a film, recently shared about his experience with calisthenics and how he has just begun.

In the video post, the actor can be seen performing a variation of the pull-ups.

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What is calisthenics training?

The training involves a variety of bodyweight movements using equipment. It can also be considered as a replacement to the dumbbell. Movements like chin-ups, calf raises, parallel or single bar dips, alternating lunges, handstand holds, handstand push-ups, leg raises, incline push-ups and pull-ups are quite popular.

Calisthenics is known to promote lean muscle mass while also helping increase strength, flexibility and endurance.

While using your own body weight may sound boring to beginners, the benefits are numerous as one realises the many ways in which the body can be pushed to workout.

Benefits of calisthenics training

*As a full-body workout, it uses multiple muscle groups at once.
*As a functional workout that helps improve endurance and agility, it is known to burn more calories than even cardio.
*The injury risk is reduced as there is not much equipment involved.
*As a good cardiovascular fitness activity, calisthenics is known to increase the resting metabolic rate which helps even after the exercise routine is done for the day.
*Whether homebound or travelling, calisthenics helps one to workout anywhere with zero equipment.