Exiting 'Fantastic Beasts 3' made Johnny Depp richer by $10mn

Shubham Dasgupta
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12 Nov 2020: Exiting 'Fantastic Beasts 3' made Johnny Depp richer by $10mn

Finally, here's some good news for Johnny Depp fans, who have been unable to bear the fact that the noted actor has accepted Warner Bros.' request to resign from Fantastic Beasts 3.

Despite talks of possible replacement and the fact that he has shot just one scene for the film, Depp will still get a whopping $10mn for working in the film!

Fact: The contract between the studio and Depp makes it legal

The contract between the studio and Depp maintains that the actor will be paid his entire salary whether or not the film is being made. Hence, as crazy as it sounds, he is being paid $10mn - his full salary for the film.

Friends: Despite everything, 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor still getting support

There is, in fact, no reason why WB wouldn't pay Depp his due as the actor wasn't fired but asked to resign, which he accepted.

Series author JK Rowling, an erstwhile Depp supporter, also approved of the decision to move on without him this time.

That exit however doesn't mean the end of the road for Depp as he's getting support from Hollywood, still.

New offer: Plans on to include Depp in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Further, producer Jerry Bruckheimer of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is in talks with our own captain Jack Sparrow to feature him in the upcoming venture.

Bruckheimer has been a steady supporter of Depp in his libel case.

Also, Depp's co-star in the same franchise, Greg Ellis tweeted asking for backing of "actors, filmmakers & studios who benefited financially from working w him."

Fact: "Known JD for over a decade. Lovely bloke, great dad"

Reaction: Sharon Osbourne shows veiled support for the Oscar nominee

WB's decision to remove Depp transpired after the actor lost his libel case against The Sun's publisher and their main witness Amber Heard over an article branding Depp a "wife-beater."

While talking about it, Sharon Osbourne said both Depp and his ex-wife Heard were responsible.

"It takes two to tango...She gave him as good as she got," Osbourne remarked on CBS show The Talk.