Expecting a baby soon? Parents reveal things you should do before delivery


Sleep well and buy baby care essentials before delivery. (Source: Getty Images)

You may be eagerly awaiting your baby's birth but before that there is some last-minute preparation to do. On a Reddit thread, parents shared some tips on what one should do before going for delivery. Take a look:

1. "Get as much sleep as you can, go out just the two of you. It will be awhile before you get either again." -mschall1005

2. "Stockpile everything from wipes to laundry detergent." -LVSTN3

3. "Tell everyone to get their flu shots and whooping cough vaccines NOW because those shots take that long to even work. Sterilize the house every few days and also baby powder is to be used sparingly!" -0okearo0

4. "Just enjoy time together. Alone." -i_am_control

5. "Do Laundry. Make sure you have lots of bedding and lots of comfortable clothes." -ACrusaderA

6. "Shop for at least three weeks worth of food/supplies for yourselves and pets if applicable. Make sure to have five cases of diapers, as many wipes as you can get. Dozens of 'burp rags' for spit up, dribbling." -Starsh1ne25

7. "Set communication expectations with your partner to vocally talk about exhaustion, feelings of fear, loneliness, depression. Tear down the fear walls of asking for help. People will help you if you are direct with the ask." -emilyfromHR