Experts at BlueMagic Group Break Down the Procedure of FUE Hair Transplant in Layman's Terms

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Hair transplants are becoming more popular as they are safer and more affordable than ever. Few clinics are better at hair transplantation than BlueMagic Group Clinic.

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With over 21,000 successful hair transplants, BlueMagic Group is considered one of the best in the business. According to BlueMagic Group Clinic, its FUE hair transplant procedure is painless and straightforward. First, photos are taken to compare the before and after results. Next, your doctor will make markings of donor and recipient areas. Hair follicles will be removed from your donor area and implanted in the recipient area. Doctors will give you an anesthetic and remove the necessary amount of hair follicles. Around 1000 to 2000 can be extracted at a time. Since this procedure can last over 5 hours, you're given a 30-minute lunch break. You can peacefully enjoy a nice meal while your doctors also take a break. Follicles are stored in a specific solution to keep them hydrated, while incisions are made with needles around 1mm thick. The hairs are then implanted in these tiny incisions.

BlueMagic Group Clinic is in the market since 2004. They offices in Tirana and London. All FUE hair transplants are conducted in a JCI-accredited hospital, and come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring your hair never falls out again. The hospital is in the heart of Istanbul and is full of surgeons with over 30 years of experience. Furthermore, BlueMagic Group Clinic is well-known for its affordable costs since customers pay around 70% lower compared to other clinics in the UK, Italy, and the US. Expect to see their team featured on Fox, NewsBreak, Market Watch, Street Insider, and The Times soon.

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Given its experience in the hair transplanting industry, BlueMagic Group Clinic is definitely one of the best transplantation experts around.

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