Extraordinary preparations for 'The Year of the Rat' in Singapore: Photos

Chaitra Anand

The Drum-Roll to the Chinese New Year in Singapore, is in ecstatic effect! 

Visually, one cannot miss the fact that it is the year of the Rat. Chinatown in Singapore is bustling with eager participants, spectators and locals. The undeniable energy and vibrance spewing from the contagious red hue, portrays the distinct tradition and modern buzzing high energy of the excited humans!

This year, the Chinese New Year falls on the 25th of January and will conclude on the 27th of January, 2020.

To get into the heart of the action, independent photographer Tanuja Patnaik visited the historic enclave of Chinatown prior to the start of the Chinese New Year and captured in all it’s grandeur streets lit-up and lined with beautifully-designed lanterns.

The official light-up on opening ceremony commenced on 4 January in 2020, and visitors to the event are in for a multisensory extravaganza. Expect to be enchanted by lion dances, nightly street shows and vendors selling an assortment of snacks and traditional goodies.

Photo credit: Tanuja Patnaik (website: http://www.tanujapatnaik.com/)

Source: https://publicholidays.sg/chinese-new-year/, www.visitsingapore.com