All Eyes on “6IX4EVER” Canadian Rap Trio Drops Screaming Balloon

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After a successful 2020, 6IX4EVER starts off the new year with a 9 song project embodying teenage emotion. Known as Jack Jack (Jack Mallette) BurrBrady (Brady Lukas) & Sandy (Cole Sandford) the three boys have created a movement guaranteed to last for generations. In one of the most divided times the world has ever seen 6IX4EVER is bringing cultures together and inspiring them. Their new release tells it all:

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“Screaming Balloon” is a deep dive into the minds of 6IX4EVER, a true masterpiece. So much built up emotion is released throughout these 9 tracks, each one like helium serving a perfect purpose for its position. It all begins with a balloon being blown up, introducing the chaotic intro track. “I wanna scream, I wanna scream, I wanna scream,” It is clear the boys have felt betrayal, backstab, and grief. Songs like “The Biggest Picture” and “No Chance” are major realizations on the list reminding us to stay focused on the end goal. As you listen to Screaming Balloon you are always feeling this sense of amp up leaving you on the edge of your seat.

While listening to this album I felt like a kid again, I wanted to experience all those heartbreaks again. With some of my personal favourites on the list being “Deep Waters” & “Young Dumb and Reckless,” the first half of this album was a treat for me. The second half leans towards more of their Rap style which I like as well, they kept a good balance throughout the tape making it an entertaining listen.

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6IX4EVER had an interesting approach to their marketing this time around. January 17th the group's Instagram suddenly went dark leaving their new fans in shock for what was to come. They posted 9 photos in total over 9 days pre-launch. There is no doubt these boys have got us excited and the world is waiting for more. 6IX4EVER is definitely a group to keep your eye on.

6IX4EVER has received worldwide praise and support from artists such as “OnlyOneFelipe” “Evander Griiim” as well as other influencers on Tik Tok.

You can listen to 6IX4EVER on all streaming services as well as keep in touch with them on all socials! I suggest you don't miss out…

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