Here’s How ‘Faacto’ Is Revolutionising The Health Industry


Physical & mental health has been at a constant downfall in India. There’s clearly something wrong with the current system, something that none of us has figured out yet. We pay huge sums of money to health experts, dieticians and gyms, but at the end of the day, we barely get what we want. In early 2018, two members of the fitness community, after failing over & over again themselves, made a decision to question the system and then created something even bigger and better, something that India has never experienced before this.

Akhilesh Bagaria and Vaibhav Bhandari have taken over the fitness industry with their revolutionary brainchild, Faacto. The application went live in December 2018 and since then has received nothing but waive of praises for its innovative concept and rewarding nature towards its audience. The two best friends have gathered the most advanced technology from the industry and have paired it with the most qualified fitness & health experts in our country, giving birth to a product which easily matches the standards set by the technology used in countries like the US and UK.

For a long time, we’ve been relying on a system which follows the trial & error method and is based on myths. Statements like “White rice makes you fat” and “Running is the best way to lose weight” are very common amongst the fitness community, but the truth is that statements like these are not backed up scientifically. The reaction of the body to food items and exercises comes down to the genes which have been neglected by our dieticians and fitness instructors. The feature that makes Faacto unique is its genetic take on fitness. It conducts a legitimate DNA test which is used by lab experts to study the genetic makeup of a user, and then highly personalized diet plans and workout routines are crafted. These diet & workout plans are far from anything that India has witnessed yet, they consist of very specific nutrients and exercises that are designed only for the growth of your body.

Today Faacto is turning heads by making concepts like weight loss and muscle gain look like a cake walk instead of a daily struggle. Faacto’s gene-based diet & workout plans consist of unique recipes that are extremely delicious and a wide range of exercises that cover everything from meditation to crunches. These DNA plans have proven to increase the growth rate by at least 30%. Now, the community is speaking up and supporting this revolutionary concept as it is making staying healthy a convenient possibility for all.

“This is the type of technology which is being used in developed countries like USA & UK today. India is going to be experiencing this for the first time and we’re sure with this Faacto is going to change lives for the better.” said Akhilesh Bagaria, Founder of Faacto.

Faacto has been created to compliment all kinds of lifestyles and classes of the society. There are office exercises for people who have a busy work life, home exercises for people who are traveling or prefer working out at home and similarly many more plans for other lifestyles. A huge winning factor for Faacto is that it has already knocked its competition out by introducing plans that are comparatively more pocket friendly. The good news is that by April end Faacto is planning on launching more fitness & health plans that are cheaper than the ones that they offer today.

“Faacto’s immediate goal for the coming month is to introduce more reasonable plans so that we can widen our reach even further and make staying healthy an easy option for all. We don’t want anyone to hesitate before opting for a healthy lifestyle ever again” said Vaibhav Bhandari, Founder of Faacto.

With over 15,000+ downloads in less than 3 months, Faacto is taking over the fitness space in India and doesn’t seem to have any plans of slowing down. It’s fair to say that there are more than just a few reasons to use Faacto, but the most important thing is that Faacto is probably the only platform in this industry to empathize and understand how personal fitness and health is for all of us.

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