Facebook event encourages Arizona residents to wash cars during drought to 'guarantee rain will occur'

A Facebook event is encouraging Phoenix citizens to wash their cars on one weekend in order to trigger a "monsoon" thanks to Murphy's Law. (Photo by Yegor Aleyev\TASS via Getty Images)

While we may never be able to explain why it always seems to rain just after you wash your car or during an outdoor party, one Facebook event is hoping that if enough Arizonians perform said duties at the same time, it will evoke a draught-ending "monsoon."

Facebook event called "Everyone In Phoenix Wash Your Cars So The Monsoon Will Arrive," that’s scheduled for August 30-31 hopes to set off "Murphy's Law" to inspire a monsoon and end the drought in Arizona, currently in its 21st year.

On top of washing their cars, the Facebook event encourages "planning a giant outdoor birthday for a three or four year old complete with bouncy house, grilling, and live entertainment."

The creator of the event, Meris Carmichael, explained: "Events like this almost always guarantee rain will occur even if the forecast for the entire week guarantees sunshine and nice temps."

Over 3,000 people have indicated that they will participate in the event, while over 6,000 stand as a maybe.

Carmichael, speaking with AZCentral, said that she created the event to be a tongue-in-cheek way to draw awareness to the weakening of monsoons, and never expected it to begin to go viral.

According to the National Weather Service, Phoenix is experiencing its sixth-driest monsoon since 1896.

"I think [the event] has a very unique, very Arizonan appeal where we're all sitting around like, 'All right it's that time of year, where are the clouds? What's happening?'" she told the outlet.

For those concerned about so many people washing their cars during a drought, Carmichael explains, tongue-in-cheek, that the resulting storm would be "of epic proportions."

"It's likely it would rain for days," the event reads. "You'd wish you drove one of those cool old cars that's amphibious... Like I said, you're welcome to schedule an elaborate and expensive outdoor event in lieu of washing, as this will most certainly guarantee rain.”

Carmichael did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

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