Factors to Look for When Buying Disposable CBD Vape Pens


Vape pens have gained popularity among the young generation and are quickly expanding for abundant reasons. Many states that using vape pens are lower or nearly zero percent harmful and cause relatively lesser health dangers. It is also stated that Vape pens do not have nicotine, which makes it safer to use.

Vape pens that resemble cigarlike and operate on battery pre-loaded with cannabidiol containing e-juice and disposable after many uses are called disposable CBD Vape Pens. In simpler words, it resembles a pen or an inhaler.  

CBD vape pens help in relaxing mind and body, helps in relieving pain, helps reduce anxiety, helps insomnia as it makes you fall asleep when taken in higher doses, and has many more benefits. So how do we decide which disposable CBD Vape Pen to buy and where to buy them from? 

Below are factors to look for when buying disposable CBD Vape Pen.


Check if the vape pen is recyclable or is it creating an extra burden on our planet. The recycling program of a company should be checked before making a purchase. Some companies have the policy of accepting the used vape pen as a part of waste management to avoid waste accumulation.

Cheap Fillers

Check if the vape pen contains vitamin e acetate, pg., VG, or MCT Oil. It has been recorded that vape pens containing the mentioned content make the user sick. Check TCH; it is always better to purchase vape pens with 0% TCH. Above mentioned cheap fillers can create harmful effects on your body. In an account of maintaining good health with minimum side effects, these fillers should be avoided.


Choose from a good brand that makes good quality vape pens. Try the CBD is one of such brands that produce vape pens that do not contain vitamin e acetate, pg., VG, or MCT oil. They also have a huge variety of vape pens with different flavours to satisfy your needs. 


Check how many times the vape pen can be used. Ensure that you at least get to use them 100 times before you can dispose of them. Some vape pens are filled with wax while some use oil. Therefore, make a note of how many doses the amount equates to as measurements vary from vape pen of a certain brand to vape pen from another brand.


If you are buying your vape pen from a shop, always check if there is anything wrong with the vape pen, check for manufacturing defects, and whether the vape pen is working fine. Check if the vape cartridge is included, and the battery is working fine.

Ease of use

Always prefer a vape pen with minimum difficulty to use the pen. Different brands come with a different mechanism, choose the least complicated for ease of use, and to have a good experience with vape pens.


Check if the vape pen you are opting for has the right amount of CBD you need. Some vape pens have very little CBD. Hence it will have a low effect on you.  

Final Words

These are some factors you should consider before purchasing your disposable CBD pen. Disposable vape pens are portable, easy to carry in your purse, wallet, or pocket and have many benefits on our health.


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