Fahad Kidwai - The impelling life of the Fashion Kingpin

The journey to the dias for the fashion oracle FAHAD KIDWAI was solitarily strenuous . With multifarious and multitudinous procurements , Fahad is a venerable luminary . Though his journey is the narrative of the hardships he has confronted in his impelling life.

Fashion was of the remotest importance and obscure to the athlete - Fahad Kidwai . Between 2008-2012 Kidwai was a doyen in sports . Gold was his mark in the High Jump of the UAE . The Sundry titles to his name ,in the sports niche ,concocted an U-16,an U-19 record and Kidwai also reflected UAE for national level in India.

In 2012 ,on one penitent day,a leg injury axed his sports career . He was impotent . But being the unconventional kind , Kidwai did not get vanquished . proving true the quotidian saying “where there is a will , there is a way” , the hotshot opted modelling as the niche of choice the very same year. With his consummate and elegant skills , Kidwai became unexcelled and performed queerly phenomenal and turned out to be Fashion oracle.

Mr Indian Military Academy , Mr Lamhe , Mr. thomso at IIT Roorkee , Mr Dehradun , Mr North India are some indelible procurements of him . He has also choreographed some splendid shows like Vogue, Lamhe and countless others. of that of a designer , a choreographer , a prolific stylist,and an unprecedented designer , the visionary is of eccentric personality and this very year is effectuating the launch of Starhunt after moving back to dubai.

The bigwig is very humble and possesses an elite vision of succouring the artists globally . Kidwai addresses himself as a global citizen . We wish him good luck for his show ,and hope he keeps inspiring the youth and manages a ginormic success in the world!!