Fahadh Faasil To Shoot For A Theatrical Version Of His HIT OTT Venture C U Soon; Actor Reveals DEETS - EXCLUSIVE

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The stunning new Covid-centric Malayalam thriller on Amazon Prime C U Soon with Fahadh Faasil and Roshan Mathew in the lead, is the virtual version of a large-screen film that is yet to come. Revealing the same, the film’s distinguished lead actor Fahadh Faasil says, “C U Soon was made specially for the OTT platform. We will be shooting a separate version of the same script with the same cast for theatres when the lockdown is over. For me, the version that you see at home is meant for the OTT platform.”

Faasil, known for his astounding experimental roles in Malayalam cinema, says the format that we see in C U Soon is not a Covid compromise. “Although we’re glad it provided at least 50 technicians with work during the Lockdown, the format of storytelling on IPhones and computers is not a Covid compromise. Even if we shot this film after the Covid, it would have been exactly the same.”

Faasil who produced C U Soon and his writer-director Mahesh Narayanan are all set to shoot the big-screen version as soon the lockdown is over. Reveals Faasil, “What you’ve seen is the virtual version. We’ve the script ready for a theatrical version which will be shot on location Dubai. The idea is to broaden the canvas. You won’t see the characters through the phone, you will see them talking on the phone.”

The actor-extraordinaire sees OTT and movie theatres as separate entities. “I firmly believe that the two platforms are separate and mutually exclusive. What is made for the movie theatres must be released in theatres.”

Fahadh sees the big-screen version of the C U Soon as offering a lot of back story to the characters. “For example how did the characters played by Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran meet for the first time? And my character Kevin, what is the reason for his rude aggressive behaviour towards his girlfriend? Basically he sees her as a manifestation of his frustrations…an object of sexual desires…until he comes across a girl who has been sold to the flesh trade. How that experience changes his equation with his girlfriend, we need to explore in the big-screen version of C U Soon. The scope of storytelling would be broadened and amplified when audiences see the film in movie theatres.”

Image source: instagram/fahadhfaassil

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