Failed and Lost But Never Gave Up, Then Created an Academy of Market Champions : The Uncanny Story of Vibhor Varshney

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"The secret of life is to fall seven times and to get up eighth time"

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Everyone wants to taste success but no one wants to taste the bitter failures that come along with it. In today's age, individuals are rigorously striving to attain success without reading the basic manual of success that comprises of several steps of failures.

Vibhor Varshney is a notable teacher and a SEBI registered research analyst who is known for covering the basics of stock market with his interactive and informative classes. Having over 8 years of experience with mentoring students, Vibhor has gotten on the pedestal of being hailed by many, but he has faced his own challenges in hindsight.

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From failing to complete his CA/ CS to being beaten at the very first stocks that he traded in, Vibhor has always been a strong-willed man who never gave up despite heaps of challenges in his way. He had the will to make a difference in his life and the life of thousands of other people.

Driven by this commitment to himself, the free workshops and live sessions conducted by him to educate the masses on the stock market have attracted thousands of students. Not only this, his comprehensive and practical approach to make concepts easy has attracted scores of students towards his classes.

Continuing this precept, Vibhor began his YouTube channel in the year 2019 to expand his reach to a larger group of audience and has seen steady growth in a short span. He has also curated a group on telegram where he shares free resources such as videos and texts in abundance so that each student can benefit from this initiative. This has led to over a lakh individual being connected on telegram.

Several of his students have gotten results that drives the discourse of the day. On his initiatives Vibhor says," When I began investing, I noticed that in India, people were not talking about such a lucrative market. Even when I started people would advise me to not get into shares because they thought that stock market was some kind of a gamble. We are here to change this approach".

"The ones who speak ill about the market are either those who have faced losses without understanding the market or are those who never tried and have just heard stories of people losing money. Our aim is to change this narrative because in the west and even in many states of India, stock market investments are generating long term wealth for people with minimum investments each month without facing much hassle".

With the medium of Vighnahara Investment solutions, Vibhor and his team are building capable, educated and sound investors of tomorrow with both online and offline classes. The VIS group is into providing various advisory services. From Technical to Fundamental Analysis they are leading the way in adapting their education model with diversified courses. Along with the online courses, offline courses take place in various cities all over India with classes being organized in a new city every month.

The investing champion is an MBA in Banking and finance and has completed his BCom from the renowned University of Delhi. He is a mentor whose classes go beyond expectations. In a nutshell, if anyone has a knack to encash the overarching benefits of investing online then they must log into Vibhor Varshney's YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter to get updates about the nits and bits of having a smooth journey with investments.