Who is the fairest of all? Celebs who have endorsed fairness creams

Gayatri Vinayak

While Bollywood and the fetish for fair skin go hand in hand, it is something that not many, especially in the film industry, openly talk about.

Today, there is a huge backlash on all fairness creams, in the wake of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the US. Johnson & Johnson have decided to withdraw all products that have to do with fairness. In India as well, Unilever has decided to drop the word “Fair” from Fair & Lovely, one of the largest selling beauty creams in the country.

Couple of years ago, Abhay Deol slammed fellow actors, including Shah Rukh Khan and Vidya Balan, for endorsing fairness products. Actress Raveena Tandon also supported the actor’s comments, when she said that being a Bollywood celebrity comes with a social responsibility, and one has to think twice before endorsing any product.

While many celebrities such as Abhay Deol, Kangana Ranaut, Nandita Das and Raveena Tandon have refused to toe the fairness line, many others have fallen prey to the fetish for fair skin – either by endorsing fairness products, or by undergoing skin lightning treatments.

We take a look at these celebrities.