If you have faith and keep moving on, things will eventually fall in place: Tina Dabi

An IAS officer's position is considered extremely prestigious in India, while UPSC exams count among the toughest to crack. However, when Tina Dabi attained the highest score back in 2015, she was criticised for several reasons. Since she belonged to the reserved category, her score was questioned by millions of social media trolls. As the first woman SC candidate to top the UPSC exams, the journey hasn't been easy for her even post-results. In this inspirational video, Tina Dabi, AIR-1 in UPSC 2015 talks about her struggles and successes.

I would never let any negativity wipe the smile off my face, says Tina Dabi.

"I am not a box of chocolate waiting to please everyone, I would ultimately do what I feel right for me and then I went ahead to marry the man I love. The fire in me was ignited probably by all those armchair critics but what sailed me through was the desire to show what I was truly capable of. And now no one can take that away from me," states Dabi. As a child, you dream, as a teenager, acquire and as a mind (age being a number), conquer. We must befriend learning to reach greater heights in life, emerging victorious within the crests and troughs of the dilemma, she remarks.

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She is the youngest person to have cleared one of the toughest competitive exams in the country and was also awarded the President of India's gold medal for her achievement. Having completed her training, she will be joining active service in the state of Rajasthan.