The Family Man 2: What's Minimum Guy? Srikant Tiwari's Boss Aka Kaustubh Finally Explains

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If you have watched The Family Man 2, you must be familiar with the term “minimum guy”. For those who are clueless about what we are talking about– in the new season of The Family Man, Srikant has left his job as an intelligence officer in Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC) and joined a new company but he doesn’t enjoy his work here. The new boss (played by Kaustubh Kumar) keeps pestering Srikant by reminding him to not be that “minimum guy”.

Explaining the term ‘Minimum Guy’ and how it became a part of the series, Kaustubh told Bollywood Hungama, “Well, I believe as the creators of the show have said that it’s basically wrong English. ‘Don’t be a minimum guy’ cannot be grammatically proper. Raj sir and DK sir had this idea where they wanted to come up with a phrase they wanted to coin for all the motivation talks in the office and all the pep talks. They were searching when one day all the writers and directors and everyone came up with this phrase and they just made it ‘don’t be a minimum guy.’”

There have been several scenes from The Family Man 2 which have acted as fodder for the meme-makers and they have come up with hilarious jokes and memes. One of the scenes people have become a fan of is the sequence where Manoj Bajpayee’s Srikant Tiwari has a final showdown with his 28-year-old boss Tanmay Ghosh.

Talking about how his life has changed post the release of the second season, the actor said, “Professionally, my life has turned upside down. This has really been something that even I didn’t expect.”

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