Family's alarming discovery behind picture frame

A Brisbane family were alarmed when a spooked animal ran for cover behind a picture frame in their home.

Brisbane snake catcher Rod Whitaker told Yahoo News Australia he was called to a house at The Gap in Brisbane’s west on Friday about dusk after an unwanted guest slithered inside.

An animal went hiding behind this picture frame after it became spooked. Source:

“The husband was leaving the house when he noticed a snake slithering in,” he said.

“The family weren’t petrified but they were alarmed not knowing what type of snake it was. They got a broom to try and scare it back outside but the snake was frightened and went behind a picture frame.”

Mr Whitaker said he had to be careful while removing the snake – not out of concern for it being a dangerous species but because the picture was painted by a member of the family.

“It was a pretty straightforward removal though,” he said.

“It was a green tree snake and they’re a benign species. I’d actually rather be bitten by one of them than a mosquito.”

The snake catcher said he had to be careful while removing the snake. Source:

The snake catcher added the reptile was about a metre long.

“They’re incredible climbers,” Mr Whitaker said.

“I’ve seen them climb up brick walls and slither through gaps the size of an adult’s pinky finger.”

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