Fantastic Beasts actor Kevin Guthrie sentenced to three years of imprisonment for sexual assault

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Kevin Guthrie has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for sexually assaulting a 29-year-old woman at a flat in Glasgow, Scotland. The Scottish actor has also been placed on the sex offenders register until further notice. He, however, has denied the charges and said that he was only helping the woman after she fell sick, reports BBC.

As per the reports, the assault took place in 2017 at the apartment of another Scottish actor Scott Reid. The victim was supposed to meet both Guthrie and Reid at a bar but fell ill on the way. The taxi driver informed Reid about the victim's health and asked him to pick her up. Both of them then took the victim to the flat and put her on a bed.

The jury was also informed that while Reid went outside the room to call Scotland's telehealth urgent care line, Guthrie sexually assaulted the victim in his absence. The assault stopped only when Reid returned to the room. Reid has not been charged in this matter.

The sentence was granted after a four-day trial. During this time, all medical evidence, photographs of bruising of the complainant, the DNA evidence, the scientific evidence, and circumstantial evidence pointed to Guthrie being guilty.

Tom Hughes, who is the sheriff of the court and acts as a judge, while sentencing told Guthrie that the seriousness of this crime is due to the fact that it was committed when he was in a position of trust.

Guthrie is known for his role in the Fantastic Beasts film franchise. He has also played Abernathy in the two Harry Potter prequels.

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