Farah C. Jaber On Success Of The New Investor Podcast, Financial Freedom & Life As An Entrepreneur

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Our audience loves to read the stories of entrepreneurs creating a difference in the world. Tell us about your journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

My father, may he rest in peace, was the earliest possible version of an entrepreneur since the early 60s, he had chosen to build his enterprise in Africa, it was very hard in those days, he had however done extremely well, he was a wealthy and a respected businessman. I admired that.

While every man and woman aspire to provide for their family in such a way, while I have tremendous respect and gratitude for what my father had done for us, living such a comfortable life at a young age could lead to utmost failure as a grown-up should things start shifting to another direction and you are unprepared, and it all did, my family’s net worth decreased as I grew older. I was never taught the value of money; I was a sitting duck, my handicap in terms of my financial education was severe. The best schools in the world even where I received my education never taught me about the power of money or how to grow it, and I had no net worth to speak of until my late 30’s.

It all occurred in a day, that day, when I decided to change the outcome of my financial future and to execute on the idea of learning everything there was to know about investing and building wealth. There started the greatest research spree about a subject I had ever done, I managed to self-learn and build an effective ecosystem around myself which had for the only function to support my net worth growth and catch up on the time I had lost being the perfect consumer.

I, therefore, decided to document that exact journey to Financial Freedom through The New Investor Podcast which I host and a book series I started to ensure other young and new investors benefit from my experience and be on their path. I became a life entrepreneur the day I decided that It needed a radical change.



When did you start The New Investor Podcast? Tell us in detail about it.

I started the podcast in March 2019 a little more than a year after picking myself up financially. It is made in the form of a journal documenting my journey to Financial Freedom with all its successes and failures, with what worked and what didn’t, the frustrations, the missteps and how my mindset and thoughts kept evolving as I go along the journey. I relay my every move while growing my investments and side ventures. There are 126 episodes so far and the adventure already took multiple directions, since I started the podcast the overall value of my investments doubled.



You are also a well-renowned author of the book ‘Becoming An Investor: The First 100 Days’. What does it entail? Any next books you are working on?

The first book of the series provides practical approaches and support for young and new investors on their first 100 days of taking their leap of faith into Saving, Investing and Building Wealth. It is based on my own experience and reflects the podcast’s concept and approach as well.

The next volume called “Becoming An Investor: Towards Financial Freedom” which will come out in January 2020 is the continuation of the journey however with a more matured and polished approach following my first days as an investor which will lead me to ultimately double my net worth.


What does financial freedom mean to you? How can one attain absolute financial freedom?

We all know about Financial Independence, which means that you have managed to generate an income, no longer depending on others or a full-time job, which would cover your living expenses in perpetuity. However, Financial Freedom from my perspective has that happiness component into the equation, which is the actual currency, not the cash, through patience, discipline, perseverance, and sacrifice, you would have managed to build an enterprise based on your passions that now allows you to wake up each day and every day with the highest degree of happiness and freedom to go do what you are about to do and in your terms. To be on your way to achieving this requires a certain mindset which I attempt to unlock for others.


How do you plan to grow your business ahead?

I have an altruistic approach to all this at this stage especially with the podcast, I only wish to share my journey with others and support young and new investors in their own as much as I can, there is a true sense of happiness while walking that path and everyone deserves a shot. I will continue the book series until I reach my freedom and prove that everyone can do it, that it is easier than one thinks.



As a business owner and entrepreneur, what challenges do you face on a daily basis?

My daily challenge is to ensure that I continuously evolve outside my comfort zone to remain within my growth zone. It is the only way to make any form of progress towards Financial Freedom and that requires the highest level of self-imposed standards.


How do you keep stress at bay? Tell us what your daily schedule looks like?

I am fortunate enough to have a full-time job that I love, being a hotelier and at the helm of two luxury hotels in Asia for a company that shares the same values as me and this brings me much happiness. Also, knowing now that I can focus after work on the things that I am passionate about in parallel adds to that happiness and I cannot call that stress.


E-book and paperback: http://www.lulu.com/shop/farah-c-jaber/becoming-an-investor-the-first-100-days/paperback/product-24203912.html

The New Investor Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-new-investor-podcast/id1457551458

Instagram Business: https://www.instagram.com/newinvestorpodcast

Instagram Personal: https://www.instagram.com/farahcjaber



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