Farhan Akhtar reveals how his daughters reacted to his divorce

Farhan Akhtar who is celebrating his recent release The Sky is Pink, was mentioned the most in 2019 with regards to his relationship with Shibani Dandekar. The filmmaker turned actor who called it quits with ex-wife Adhuna Bhabani in 2017, opened up on the reaction of his daughters Shakya and Akira when he broke the news of their divorce to them.

Farhan was quoted by Pinkvilla saying, "Nothing is easy. Anything you tell your child which you think your child doesn't want to hear is never going to be easy. The thing that your child expects you and by you doing it, you will realise that this is what you expect from them. If you can be honest with your child, they are not dumb or stupid. They understand way more than you and me can imagine. They have a sense of an energy of how their parents are feeling."

"As long as you don't lie to them and you feel 'it's okay, I have told them, they can now do whatever', things will come around. Eventually, a child will understand why you have done what you have done. Maybe not at the moment, but you just have to be honest with them and in turn, they will be honest with you", he added.

Farhan and Shibani have been termed as one the most adorable couples of B-town. Shibani was also seen attending Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi's Holi celebration this year.

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