Farhan Furious With Chahatt For Defaming Him : 'We Are Still Married, Not Divorced Or Separated!

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

Chahatt Khanna and Farhan Mirza's disturbed marriage has created a lot of buzz, and everyday, we are learning new details about it. In the recent developments, Farhan has revealed that he is completely unaware of Chahatt's intentions, including the fact that she is addressing him as her 'ex-husband'. Previously, we told you about Farhan being unaware of Chahatt's whereabouts and how he pleaded her to make him meet his kids. Now, in an exclusive interview with SpotboyE, Farhan accused Chahatt of defamation, saying she called him 'divorced' and 'estranged husband'. Here's what Farhan has to say!

Farhan Accuses Chahatt Of Defamation

Talking about how he's being treated by Chahatt ever since she decided to part ways, Farhan said, "I haven't defamed her. In fact, she has defamed me by calling me her ex-husband, estranged husband, divorced husband when we are still very much married. So, all this provoked me to go and clear the fact that we are not divorced or separated."

He Was Forced To Go To Media

Apparently, Chahatt called him following his previous interview. He said, "I told her, 'No matter what you have done, I have forgiven you for it. I love you and I love my children, so please just come home.' I did tell her that I wasn't willing to go to the media and discuss what happened between us. But her sudden disappearance with my children and summons on me and my mother forced me to do that."

Farhan Doesn't Know Where Chahatt Is Residing

He further added, "She is at her sister's house in Lokhandwala, Andheri West. But they still didn't share the exact address. She told me, 'I will get back to you and make you meet your kids.' But I don't understand why are my children staying at other's house when they have one of their own. I also asked her why did she disappear like that? She said she doesn't want to be with me. I told her if you don't want to be with me after 7 years of marriage, at least give me a reason for it. Disappearing like this and building pressure for a divorce will not help."

He Wants To Make This Marriage Work

Though Chahatt has given statement saying Farhan is lying only to tarnish her image, he says this marriage means a lot to him and wants to make it work. He concluded by saying, "I need my answers. I am not afraid of anyone. In today's era people move on, they walk out. But I am not that person. I have ethics and morals. I remember my vows which I took with my wife. I need to know after 7 years why my wife disappeared like this."

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