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In a country like India, farming and agriculture are the substantial pillars of its economy. Agriculture is the primary source of income to the fifty percent of the country’s population. About 1/3rd of the nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) comes from Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry altogether. Being an agriculture oriented country, India is the 3rd largest economy in the world worth $ 2.1 trillion, and the credentials for it being the one, attributes to our hardworking farmers. If today India is the largest producer of pulses and jute and second largest producer of vegetables and fruits across the world it’s only due to the endeavors by our farmers.

Farming has intertwined our customs and economy to bloom the various aspects of the modern civilization. It’s quite edifying how an idea discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization forms the foundation of India today. Not only India, but farming is a global necessity without which life would be a mere word. Food is one of the basic necessities without which the existence of the entire living species would be impossible. Hence, Farming and Agriculture both, are the two life sustaining factors which forms the pivot of the entire ecology. 

Coconuts from Deyga farm
Coconuts from Deyga farm

Today, the idea is same but has been revolutionized to serve better and safer. Organic Farming has got all the applauds and attention in a past few years, for it’s the safest way to enjoy nature’s blessings in this world of toxins and chemicals. 

Deyga Organics, a beauty care brand is one among those enterprises which believe in the purity as the most important aspect of farming. It has established its roots as an organic firm since its inception in 2018. From organic farming to manufacturing of natural products, it works radically to provide pure and natural products to its customers worldwide. Deyga supports cruelty free products which are natural and handcrafted with love. 

Deyga farm is completely attributed to the raw materials, domestic animals, beautiful plants and trees that source nature’s goodness to the products. The farm is adorned with traditionally beautifying factors that pour zeal in every Deyga worker to stand still with the customs of India.

In an interview with the founder of Deyga Organics, Mrs. Arthi Raguram she says, “Entire farming process takes place without the use of harmful chemicals  hence organic in nature, they are carefully chosen under a strict speculation and then taken for the usage in production process”. 

Deyga is known to provide harsh chemical free products which are made with cent percent natural formula. Natural ingredients are either plucked from Deyga farm or sourced by local farmers. 

Use of antique vessels made of Bronze, Copper and Brass are used for storing the base ingredients for infusion of metal goodness which is again a custom taught to us by our ancestors. The basic principles of Ayurveda draw the foundations through which Deyga Organics is deeply rooted to its tradition and values. 

Deyga consists of a wide range of skin and hair care products. Charcoal soap from Deyga is the hero seller of the brand, Beetroot lip balm really last longer than any other brand’s (most said words by its customers) and Acne kit which is the trade mark of Deyga, these are some of the signature products which carry its Flagship. The combs made of neem wood are another fascination drawing the attention of its customers worldwide. Cold pressed oils are also the best selling products of Deyga. Sesame oil, Coconut Oil are a few which are served in the purest form. 

Arthi Raguram happily working in the fields of Deyga Farm.
Arthi Raguram happily working in the fields of Deyga Farm.

In the world of breaking benchmarks and new challenges every new day, standing still with one’s own tradition, safeguarding it and make people love it too with sheer elegance is something Deyga Organics is known for. From farming to skin essentials, every process is showered with love and hard work of entire Deyga family. The journey of restoring the lost importance of natural products has been replenishing with every passing day with purity as its trademark. 

Deyga has been successfully contributing its bit to the country’s economy, being the visage of its traditional history in the modern attire of development.

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