Farmers Protest Turns Violent in Delhi, What Went Wrong?

Himmat Shaligram
·1-min read

Tear gas shells, lathi charges, stone pelting and one death, what was supposed to be peaceful show of protest by the farmers on Republic Day, turned into a day of violence, rioting and damage to public property. Which begs the questions, if everything was planned, what went wrong?

In a deviation from pre-designated routes, which were agreed upon in advance by the Delhi Police and farmer leaders, protesting farmers reached Delhi’s Indraprastha, ITO and other parts of Central Delhi after breaking barricades at the Ghazipur and Tikri borders early morning.

The farmers were then subjected to tear gas-shellings and lathi-charges by the Delhi police, even as farmer leader Rakesh Tikait told the media that the rallies are being undertaken “peacefully.”

Farmer protestors also reached and entered the Red Fort and waived flags from the ramparts of the fort.

So what exactly happened? How did this tractor rally, which was always meant to be peaceful and travel on designated routes reach the Red Fort? Tune in to The Big Story!

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