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  • 100% rise in hair loss complaints among COVID patients

    A senior doctor said, 'We have seen a two-fold rise in the number of patients complaining of problems related to hair loss.'

  • 20 Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimples And Acne Scars In A Few Days

    Excess stress, wrong eating habits, allergies, hormonal problems, medical conditions, vitamin and mineral deficiency, along with many other things are few factors that cause those stubborn red marks – pimples. If these zits are not treated right, they can get worse. You can use chemical-laden products, but when it comes to skin, going all-natural is the best solution. So, let’s know some easy natural remedies that are effective in removing pimples forever. #1. Apple cider vinegar Just swab a bit

  • Pakistani Bride Wore A 100 Kg Lehenga On Her Wedding Day Covering The Entire Stage

    The entire world might be divided by borders and LOCs, but it is united by fashion. From Punjabi's bhangra to Gujarati's garba when the shaadi season comes around, we all enjoy being part of each other's happiness. While we munch on mouth-watering delicacies of different cultures and enjoy the wedding, our eyes are always glued on the bride. Over the years, wedding fashion has evolved, and now, brides are opting for their dream ensembles. They are ditching the usual lehengas and wearing what the

  • Indian style icons who are the epitome of beauty and grace

    Let's unravel the distinct styles of these icons.

  • 8 Awesome Ways You Can Use Coffee For Flawless Skin And Gorgeous Hair

    Whether it is your morning chores at home, or the deadlines to meet at office; as soon as coffee permeates through you, things start falling into place. No doubt, this wonder drink is a powerhouse of energy for millions. Well, this is all about the internal coffee boost. Let us delve a bit deeper, and also know about its beauty benefits, and why it can be a favourite for your skincare regime. Here are the amazing benefits of coffee! Recommended Read: 7 Benefits Of Rice Powder For Your Flawless S

  • Bride Ditched Her Usual Mehendi For A White Heena Design For Her Pre-Phera Reception

    The day for which we wait for years to come is our wedding day. Going back in time when we were young and silly, mostly all of us had played wedding games with our little dolls, dressing them up as a bride and sometimes being one. And as we grow up, we have made a whole book on what we want on our big day and ticking it off becomes our ultimate goal. From makeup to clothes to trendy mehendi, our list grows bigger and bigger with each wedding we attend or see on Instagram. Recently, we spotted a