Fashion Blogger Neha Vora On Her Success And Plans To Expand Her Business

Neha Vora

Neha Vora is a popular fashion and lifestyle blogger who made mark for herself on her own terms. In a very short span of time, with her great understanding of fashion and styling, Neha carved a niche for herself in the fashion industry and blogging world.

A BMM-graduate from Mumbai, the journey for Neha hasn’t been a cakewalk. When she decided to venture in the world of fashion blogging and trying out different outfits and dresses, there were quite a people who didn’t think well of it. However, she didn’t let any of this discouragement affect her and walked on the path to fulfill her passion and interest.

As she had a good knowledge of how social media works which she learned during her internship days, she knew how to go right in creating a big name for her. She started her own blog and runs two business, The NV Element & NV Digital.

About her blog, Neha Vora shared, “From playing dress up since childhood to transforming it into my business and my passion, who knew I’d come this far along. I still remember the judgements and statements passed when I posed in front of the camera. I still remember those voices telling me what a trivial thing it was to be standing there looking like a doll. But I also clearly remember my own heart beating so fast, my stomach fluttering with butterflies inside, and my smile beaming through my face. I knew I had to play dress up, come what may! I may have come far along but there are so many things unaccomplished, so many things undone, so many things inspiring me each and every moment to create. I had so many thoughts and ideas inside me that I knew that I had to create a space where I am ‘me’ in my very own skin and sense.”

Neha tells that at The NV element, one gets to see content meeting interesting visuals. It’s a place that inspires one to wear a tweed jacket with a silk skirt or whatever one feels suits their personality. She is always updated about the latest trends that helps her and her followers in always being in style.

About NV Digital, Neha said, “Well, you could say I wear many hats. Apart from blogging and constantly creating content for my social media spaces, I also assist other brands create great content and imagery. In short, I run a full-fledged digital media marketing business alongside.
I believe in expanding my skills, talent and knowledge and thus I couldn’t just stick to my own blog.”

NV Digital helps brand reach their target audience and make them an interesting space on social media. It has been 4 years since Neha Vora started her business and with all the success and positive response, she has a bigger vision for her work ahead.

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