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Deepika Padukone

Let’s start with a star celebrity. For those who thought that Deepika can never get it wrong, that she looks good even in a rag, well then dear friends, this is a sad day for you. Firstly, this is her airport look to Cannes. While the rest of us would go for comfort, Ms Padukone went for edgy and got disastrous results. Not only is it inappropriate for the airport, the sheer mesh mid-riff is a complete put off! the leather jacket is not making it look cool either. One big lesson to learn here though, matching your sunglasses with your outfit NEVER works, not even if you are Deepika Padukone.

Fashion disasters by Bollywood celebrities

Thanks to their entourage of stylists, make-up artists, hair artists and countless assistants, it’s not difficult to be in the best dressed pages of the fashion police. But many a times, these celebs (and their entourage) do get it wrong when trying to be ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’ and ‘different’. And many a times, minus the all the help, they are a complete disaster and cannot be trusted to dress themselves up.

Here are the recent spottings of Bollywood celebrities that made the fashion police yawn at some and cringe at many ‘celebrity style’ looks.

– Images by Yogen Shah