Fashion Expert and Plus-Size Advocate Renee Cafaro Prepares to Launch Her Brand RCA Public Label

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The fashion industry has always been known for catering its products to a limited market, but over the past decade, people have become more vocal about brands expanding their products to a broader market. Renee Cafaro Atelier has been one of the most vocal individuals in this movement, starting her brand to encourage plus-size products in fashion.

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Renee Cafaro has been obsessed with fashion design since she could finger paint. Chubby as a child, she grew up being told that she had no place in the industry. Rather than yield to their pessimism, Renee decided to take a different direction, starting a blog under a pseudonym. Her blog was filled with clothes she found, attracting the attention of others who shared her curves. Inspired by the feedback and positive comments of the community, Renee created FoxyRoxyFashion as a platform where she could share her tips and experiences.

While she is widely known for her work in the fashion community, Renee’s career initially started in politics. She spent over a decade working in labor unions, campaigns, and the New York government. There she projected her passion for social justice and equality before changing lanes as a writer. An avid reader of SLiNK Magazine, Renee would get the opportunity of a lifetime when she got the position of US Editor in 2014.

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Since then, Renee Cafaro has been busy preparing her brand, RCA Public Label. RCA is Renee’s ready-to-wear brand made by her and a collection of BIPOC New Yorkers from materials locally purchased to revitalize the Garment District one dollar at a time.

“We know times are hard, but you deserve to treat yourself and invest in wardrobe classics instead of fast fashion that can harm the environment and workers,” Renee shared, “We are putting people above profit, selling each outfit nearly at cost and donating a portion of RCA’s proceeds to charities benefiting women and people of color in business.”

RCA Public Label is ethically and NHY-made and expertly crafted luxury wardrobe staples made to fit the average visibly plus-sized woman. Renee and her team spend time and money on fit and hand-grading to ensure their size chart accommodates as many plus shapes as possible compared to the industry standard of a 5’10” flat-stomached size 14 and illogical grading formulas. “I am especially concerned with delivering for the ‘extended sizes’ community that is forgotten by a lot of brands,” Renee revealed, citing how sizes beyond 24 are hardly presented. As an advocate for equality, Renee feels that every woman deserves equal access and respect.

Renee’s brand is set to launch on the first of July, giving plus-size women looking to add something new and special to their wardrobes. With more than a decade of blogging and building her fashion knowledge, Renee Cafaro foresees RCA Public Label rising to become one of the top brands that provide chic, problem-solving, and ready-to-wear solutions for plus size women. Additionally, Renee hopes to create works that can be seen on runways and red carpets.

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