Fashion model Satyajit Majumder is all set to represent India in South Africa


Fashion model Satyajit Majumder is all set to represent India in South Africa

Satyajit, from Kolkata is a 24 year old Influencer and his surreal transformation is the talk of the town, Here’s why-

It was not an overnight metamorphosis, it was a process, a process that constituted beliefs and endeavors. As a child, he was subjected to a chronic humiliation, his friends and teachers looked down upon him with utmost disgust because of his sluggish appearance.

Satyajit Majumder

Satyajit Majumder

But no matter how hard the world tried to pull him down, he never a had poor perception of himself. He reduced his weight from 105kgs to 75kgs in a couple of months, and gushed in the world of Fashion like a raging Storm. Satyajit has proved to be unstoppable. “Be true to your inner self, that’s the only voice that matters at the end of the day,” said Satyajit.

He recently got featured by the ‘BEING HUMAN’ Campaign run by Salman Khan and is now heading towards the big screen productions under the guidance of some of the renowned Bollywood Producers. He was privileged to share screen with Himesh Reshammiya in one of his music videos. A Fashionista, an Actor and a Social Influencer in the truest sense,as he won a number of awards for his short films on ‘Social Welfare’ too.

He adds a pinch of quirk in his sense of Fashion which makes it worth the talk. The Effortlessly fashionable and sober Satyajit blends the contemporary classics with the traditional silhouettes and takes pride in being a Bengali, when he pulls of a dhoti-kurta like a Boss. He has been fusing the Oriental with the Occidental while being true to his roots . What makes him stand out from the crowd is that he imparts a social message through all his Blogs which has fetched him an international fan-base as well. He credits himself for the transformation he had, but owes his success to his parents.

Style, in pursuance to him, is very personal and he believes one should respect their choices and wear what makes them comfortable, than simply follow trends. On some occasion He pairs shorts with floral tees, and then he is spotted color blocking with his Kurta churidars. Satyajit flaunts his authenticity as he tells that setting standards is too boring, it is rather exciting and challenging to pull of ordinary clothes and still look extraordinary.

Majumder got to promote major brands in India,and is often spotted spreading awareness or flirting with his City in the B-town fashion magazines. He is the only Male influencer from SOUTH ASIA who’s invited to SOUTH AFRICA as an ambassador for the ‘Fashion Hero Tv, Season 2’.

The Fashion Hero is a groundbreaking TV series and a worldwide movement that empowers real people to achieve their dreams by disrupting the status quo of narrow, unattainable fashion and beauty ideals. Who else could better fit the criteria of representing India on an International platform! “To represent my country, was my biggest dream” said He while dabbing his eyes. His work and style reflects the honesty in him.

His epic entry in the world of Bollywood,is what we are waiting for. “An Engineer turned Fasion Entrepreneur” sounds a fascinating yet far reaching goal, but this gentleman has proved what dedication can bring to a man who believed in the process of hard work. May the winds of his time never come to a halt, and may he create a history in the space of Cinema.

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