FASHION: US Vice President Kamala Harris makes HISTORY in purple outfit by a Black queer designer!

Kiona Rosh
·1-min read

Today was a day of significance for people in America and the world as Kamala Harris has sworn in as the first-ever woman Vice President of the United States. Do so she made quite a few statements with her outfit choice! Given below is the detailed description of this significant day.

At the inauguration ceremony of the President and Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris, who is well known for Formal Converse sneakers, sharp blazers and modified pantsuits, picked out a purple suit made by the designer Christopher John Rogers, for her swearing-in ceremony on January 20th with Joe Biden.

At Washington D.C, Harris gave out a very strong message by becoming the first female, Black and South-Asian Vice President, in the outfit made by the 27-year old designer, who had attained the title of CFDA American Emerging Designer of the Year in 2020. Christopher John Rogers is a queer Black designer whose designs have made fans in Zendaya, Rihanna and even Michelle Obama! Harris fashioned this tailor-made dress with a string of pearls and matching earrings which are also very important. They refer to her time in the Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first inter-collegiate Black fraternity. The gems are meant to be a symbol of fluidity and change which comes over time while being tied to a strand to show a connection.

Harris completed her unique and special look with a pair of black gloves, black heels and a black face mask while maintaining her makeup fresh.
Madam Vice President sure made a great impact on the people at her swearing-in ceremony!